Mono Kick Start, Hans-Jurgen Schonig and Ewald Geschwinde

Mono Kick Start (MK-S) is a thin book. It is obviously written in german, then translated to english by someone who’s native language isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with the facts in it, but it’s nothing you’ll read for the fun of it. MK-S is based on the ancient 0.17 version of Mono and .net 1. As such it may come in handy as a reference, especially for the older collections, a topic that the Jesse Liberty’s Programming C# have completly erased from the latest edition. One section of the book “covers” Gtk# with a rather useless, “Hello World”-style example. That is a topic that would require a book of it’s own, I think. Even Dumbill’s Mono: A Developer’s Notebook isn’t enough for that. (Much better though)
I think MK-S was a waste of money for me.


I have too much to read for the moment. Not that I’m in a hurry or anything, but its piling up. Taking up precious space on my desk. Its just been a few weeks since I couldn’t find anything unread I wanted to waste commuting time on. I started to re-read Harry Potter and the Phoenix order, and The Halfblood Prince. After completing HBP the first time I was not quite sure whether Snape killed Dumbledore with or without the latter’s consent. Now I’m sure; Snape hated Dumbledore, possibly for being kind to him. However, Dumledore was well prepared for dying, and with him, dead is not gone. Remember when the Ministry of magic was trying to get rid of him in the PO? He said he didn’t care what the ministry did, as long as they didn’t remove him from the chocolate frog cards. We’ve seen many examples of old headmasters acting as spies from their portraits, and they do seem to be more than just animated images, so I assume that Dumbledore will be able to continue giving Harry advice as long as he’s got a card with him.
Well, now Harry Potter is done for a while, (I don’t expect a new book about him in at least another year or so from now) so I may as well get started with the pile: Computer sweden, Ny Teknik, Villa ägaren, Orcanen, Bild & Ljud hemma, Studio (2 issues, one still i plastic wrapping), ratten (for Volvo owner, and yes, lower case r), vi i villa, National Geographic, Pistolskytte, Mac World (still wrapped), Foto and finally Kamera & Bild. Then there are a few books wating: Biggles & Co, Biggles – Air Commodore, Biggles in the Terai (In swedish, bought today for 5 SEK each, a bargain), Mono kick start, Dan Brown – Änglar och Demoner, and Historiens största mordgåtor.
Quite a lot. I hope I can finish before Robert Jordan’s Knife of Dreams arrives from Amazon sometime between 11th and 13th of October. Hmm, that’s only 17 days off, maybe I am in a hurr after all?

More than a week…

… and still waiting for the iPod. It seems that Apple now estimates the delivery time for a 4Gig pod to “within 1-2 weeks”, up from the “7 days” they claimed two days ago, and the 5 they wrote when it was first introduced. I certainly hope it is worth the long wait.
I’ve now managed to hack for a total of three hours on AAC-support for tagtool, and it can now display (most) of the tags already there. I hope I’ll manage to write stuff back tonight when the girls are beeing put to bed by my wife.
This being thursday, I’d ususally have carpenting “class”, but tonight, sadly, it’s been postponed. Class, well it’s more like kinder-garten for old men and women. (i.e. age 30+) Carpenting is something i’d recommend to anyone working primarily with computers. It’s a certain kind of pride showing off a new table. Anyone understands a table and is suitably impressed with a well-crafted one; not like showing off a (command-line) program. It can be terribly complicated:


… and noone but a true perl hacker would appreciate the beauty of it!

It’s the same with cooking, but that’s another matter.

iPod nano

Ordered a black nano, what seems like ages ago (14’th). My initial reaction when i saw it was ‘I want a black one’, and that seems to have been everyone else’s reaction too. It’s sold out. Everywhere.
Well, while pining for my iPod, i’ve collected a few useful tools:

  1. gtkpod to upload the music
  2. faac to encode music to .m4a (aac). While there is a pre-built package to ‘yum’ for FC4, it doesn’t have support for MPEG4, so I had to build one myself.
  3. xmms with aac-plugin to listen to iTunes compatible songs (actually seems to be default for gtkpod)
  4. tagtool doesn’t tag MPEG4 files yet, but maybe I’ll add it!

I’ve also ripped a few favourite funk-albums (Bar Kays) and some not-so-funky “best-of”.

Still pining