Performance drain

I just installed iWork ’06 on my G4. I’ve only tried Pages so far, and I’m really disappointed. Pages 1 was quite snappy, without noticeable lag in scrolling etc. The new version is another matter. After starting it up everything sort of stops. When moving the mouse into the app, the pointer just disappears, and then reappears somewhere else, far away. Horribly sluggish. Hmm, maybe I should look into a CPU-upgrade?

A most un-exciting announcement

After many weeks of speculation in various forums around the world about the successor to Canons EOS 20D, the announcement yesterday was really dull. EOS 30D is an incremental upgrade to EOS 20D. Evolution rather than revolution.

My (film) EOS 30 has a few very useful features that all Canon DSLRs lack today: control-knobs that can be used wearing gloves, eye-control auto focus and silent operation. It’s so silent that I once thought that it malfunctioned when nothing happened. The film was rewinding and I never noticed…

Until Canon releases an EOS xxD with eye-control focus I’ll stick with film.

Joining NewCo after all

On a meeting with HR I was informed that the company wanted to move me to another department, rather than laying me off. As my reason for declining was the long commute, not the job in it self, I surprised my immediate manager (again) by saying that I’d prefer to join NewCo after all. She seemed quite happy with that, and noone else seems to have had any objections.
I’m still polishing my resumè though.

Thanks, but no thanks

When asked to join NewCo, the new, unnamed joint venture of OMX and TE, I declined. Maybe I should have informed my immediate manager a couple of days ahead to spare her the surprise. I don’t think she was permanetly injured by the shock. What will happen now? Apparenly HR hadn’t expected anyone to decline, since it took almost two weeks for them to decide. An information meeting was scheduled, and rescheduled and again and again, but probably will take place tomorow. Then I’ll finally will know what will happen.


Monday morning. -8°C and the stone steps leading down to the railway station are shiny with ice. Suddenly my feet disappear under me, and I find myself at the bottom of the stairs, having bounced on my back all the way down. I get up, nothing broken. Looking around I ‘m glad noone saw me.