Two months to christmas. It was freezing cold outdoors, and while waiting for the commuter train this morning I noticed a few small snowflakes in the air.

On the train home I finished “Knife of Dreams”. (spoiler-warning) I feel like it is missing a chapter or two. The cliff-hanger at the end was a bit too lame, and there seems to be so much that needs to happen before the next book. If the 12’th book really is to be the last one, I fear that it will be too crowded with action, ad too different in tempo compared to the last five or so… Are there any new facts in KoD? Not too much; we’ve got a confirmation that Taim really is one of the forsaken. Hmm, that’s it. No more light on the identity of Mesaana in the tower (I suspect Laras, the cook, she’s just too suspect). Nothing on Sheriam’s strange behaviour. No more clues as to who really killed Asmodean, not that I expected any anyway.

Reading Narnia to Kajsa worked.