Little Red Subwoofer

I’m very happy with my audio pro Addon Five. Except for one thing, bass.

I have decided to build a little red subwoofer for my home office. It should be small and compact, have active amplification, good low frequency response and decent sound quality. After a few iterations, I settled on a cube, 35x35x35 cm with an 8″ driver, and painted in Ferrari red to match the Addon fives.

Something like this…

The driver is the very nice Visaton TIW-200. It has a long stroke cone, +/- 12.5 mm and has proven it’s ability in my previous sub woofer project, the invisible BlueSub. (I might make a quick writeup about that one later)

Some simulation at suggests that it will have it’s -3dB point at about 34 Hz, while the Visaton data sheet states 32 Hz for a 30L box. RedSub will be about 35L, so I’ll have to measure the result and see for myself.

The black curve is an optimal vented box (82l) for the driver, blue is a closed box (38l) and red is the RedSub (35l).